sabato 5 febbraio 2011

Buff'd Foundation Review

Hi girls!
these days I tried buff'd mineral foundation.
If you remember, last month I received some sample of their make up but, due to university duties, I have too little time to write some serious post.
well, let's start

I tried two shades "Light Warm" and "Light Medium Warm" in original formula, that is full-coverage foundation with  oil absorption and natural UV protection
(Buff'd Cosmetics offers also "Light" and "Concealing"formula)
Leaving out the fact that, unfortunately, the shades weren't appropriate for me, I appreciate very very much the strong coverage of this foundation, it covered very well redness(almost rosacea) on my cheeks (and with other foundation It's difficult to obtain this results without green concealer).
what I disliked was the endurance of the product on my face.
I think that if you don't have the possibility to readjust your make up, you can't use this foundation (I use it, for example, when I stay out more or less 4 hours but not when I stay out all the day) and it's a sin because the coverage is the best I ever tried.
However, I want to give this product another chence by trying other shades as light medium beiges, who knows that I may appreciate it...

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